Nick Clegg hits out at ‘muppet’ ministers in ‘clueless’ government

Posted On: 
12th February 2018

The former Deputy Prime Minister has criticised Theresa May’s handling of Brexit, accusing her of running a “clueless” government full of “muppets”.

Nick Clegg dubbed Theresa May's government "clueless".

In an unflinching attack, Nick Clegg called on MPs to launch a “constitutional crisis” by rejecting whatever legislation the Government tried to get through Parliament on the terms of Brexit.

The former Lib Dem leader did not single any minister out but was highly critical of the entire cabinet.

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“I think is impossible exaggerate the level of a cluelessness and incompetence now at the heart of British government,” he said.

“I think it’s really difficult for folk here in Brussels and in other European capitals to get used to the idea that, you know, to all intents and purposes, the British government now looks like a bunch of muppets sitting around the Cabinet table.”

Mr Clegg made the comments in an interview with the Politico EU podcast, said it would “becomes obvious” Brexiteers were not going to be able to keep their promises.

“When it becomes obvious — as it already has — that the British people are not going to get any, I mean literally none, of that great long list of beguiling promises they were made by the Brexiteers, I think they are totally within their rights to say ‘well, hang on a minute, we’re not going to vote for this because this is not what you told our constituents they were going to get’.

“At that point, of course, you’ll have a crisis, there will be a standoff between Parliament and government – a kind of constitutional crisis, if you like.”

Mr Clegg has been stridently pro-European throughout his political career, which began with a stint as an MEP.

He was also highly critical of arch-Brexiteer and Tory grassroots favourite, Jacob Rees-Mogg.

“He’s like a Don Quixote in pinstripes … rushing at windmills that don’t kind of exist.”

He continued: “They’re like Maoist revolutionaries — they don’t care how many bodies they sacrifice along the way or how much hardship is inflicted on people in the long march.”