Guy Verhofstadt lashes out at Boris Johnson's 'liberal' Brexit vision

Posted On: 
14th February 2018

Guy Verhofstadt has criticised Boris Johnson’s vision of a 'liberal' Brexit ahead of a key speech by the Foreign Secretary today. 

Guy Verhofstadt criticised Boris Johnson's case for a liberal Brexit.

The EU’s Brexit coordinator took to Twitter to reject Mr Johnson’s argument that Brexit was a liberal enterprise and could be a cause for hope.

Mr Verhofstadt accused Mr Johnson of putting forward an argument that is, by its very nature, illiberal:

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“Putting up barriers to the movement of trade and people & suggesting that the identity of citizens can only be national is not liberal - it's quite the opposite,” he wrote. 



In a key speech, the Foreign Secretary has today outlined his belief that Brexit is an opportunity not a catastrophe.

In an attempt to appeal to Remain voters, he said Brexit “need not be nationalist,” adding that he was aware that sentiment may cause anger in some Leave camps.