Ireland’s Prime Minister warns Theresa May her speech failed to provide border solutions

Posted On: 
3rd March 2018

Leo Varadkar gave a lukewarm reception to the Prime Minister’s Brexit speech and criticised her for not providing more detail in the brewing crisis over the Northern Ireland border.

Leo Varadkar hit out at the lack of detail on the future of the NI border in Theresa May's speech.

He warned Theresa May had still failed to recognise the dangers leaving the customs union and single market posed to the peace process.

“I remain concerned that some of the constraints of leaving the customs union and the single market are still not fully recognised,” the taoiseach said. 

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“We will now need to see more detailed and realistic proposals from the UK. Brexit is due to happen in a little over 12 months, so time is short,” he said.

However, he admitted there had been some “some important reassurances” in her speech but continued to call for more detail on the future of the border.

Ms May has already agreed to three options for the border, two of which involve an overall UK-EU deal.

The third included bespoke electronic checks, pre-customs clearance and waivers for small businesses.