Theresa May refuses to rule out preferential migration deal for EU citizens after Brexit

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8th July 2018

Theresa May has left the door open to a special Brexit deal on migration that would make it easier for EU citizens to come to the UK compared with people from elsewhere.

Theresa May said she wanted "what works for the UK"
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The Prime Minister said ministers “recognise” that EU nationals will still want to “have opportunities” around the continent and vowed to do “what works for the UK”.

It comes after she claimed a major victory over her Cabinet as ministers signed up to her Brexit blueprint on Friday.

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The 18-page document says unlimited migration from the EU will end after Brexit - but the Prime Minister refused to rule out special treatment as part of a preferential deal.

"We recognise that people will still want to have opportunities in each other's countries," she told the BBC.

“We are going to decide. What we're going to do is say what works for the UK, what's right for the United Kingdom?"

But she added that people who voted to quit the bloc “wanted to take control of our money, our laws and our borders and that's exactly what we will do".

The peace deal struck on Friday included a plan for a “mobility framework” once free movement ends, that would allow UK and EU citizens to travel between each other’s countries.

A summary of the agreement said the framework would allow would-be migrants to “apply for study and work – similar to what the UK may offer other close trading partners in the future".

Cabinet ministers have rallied around the Prime Minister in the wake of the breakthrough at Chequers, but she faces a growing backlash from anti-EU Tory MPs.