EU (Withdrawal) Bill: A Second Reading Briefing from the Equality and Human Rights Commission

Posted On: 
4th September 2017

Ahead of Second Reading of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has stressed the importance of setting out a positive vision of the kind of country we want to be after we have left the EU.

To achieve this positive vision, the Commission’s briefing – developed with our stakeholders – recommends five changes to the Bill:

1. Rule out the use of delegated powers to amend equality and human rights laws

2. Include a principle of non-dilution of equality and human rights law in the Bill

3. Retain the protections in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights 

4. Introduce a constitutional right to equality

5. Ensure the courts have regard to relevant EU case law where there is doubt in construing or applying law relating to equality and human rights

Read the full briefing here.