KPMG: The start of the political endgame on Brexit

Posted On: 
23rd March 2018

Following the EU Leaders’ meeting today James Stewart, Head of Brexit, at KPMG UK said:

“Many of our clients are hoping that today’s announcement marks the start of the political endgame on Brexit.  However, none are naïve enough to think the next round of negotiations won’t be the hardest yet, with colossal choices and different sector views complicating matters.  That’s why only a handful of our clients have shown any indication they intend to alter the course of their Brexit planning.

“However, what I do think could change is the way the timescales have so far dictated that Brexit is perceived purely as damage limitation exercise by many large firms.  Of course the risks remain, but today might just allow business the breathing space to get on the front foot with Brexit. 

“UK PLC has an opportunity to reprioritise growth and entrepreneurialism.  At an individual business level, we want to see more firms rethink their business models, build new trade corridors, and expand their client bases.  Nationally, the UK doesn’t just need new trade deals to prosper after Brexit, it really needs to ramp up productivity, raise FDI, and position the UK as the globe’s central deal-maker.”