Downing Street lobby briefing on the Brexit divorce deal, Withdrawal Bill amendments and social media paedophiles

Posted On: 
12th December 2017

A spokesman for the Prime Minister refused to comment on EU calls for a commitment to enshrine the Brexit divorce deal in UK law as soon as possible.

“The Secretary of State set out yesterday and the Commission agreed with him that the agreement that was reached last week is a political agreement but that will move forward into a withdrawal agreement that will be legally binding…

“I don’t comment on draft leaked guidelines…

“There is a process to follow in terms of the withdrawal agreement.”

The spokesman refused to say whether the Government might cave to demands from Tory MPs for a MPs to have a more ‘meaningful vote’ on the final Brexit deal.

“We have been clear form the outset in relation to this bill that where we believe that the bill can be improved we are happy to work with MPs and others to deliver that…

“She has talks with colleagues all the time.

“We have set out in the past that there will be a meaningful vote and that that was what we were looking to deliver.”

The spokesman condemned the alleged use of social media as a place for paedophiles to discuss their behaviour.

“These reports are obviously extremely concerning. Behaviour that is unacceptable in real life is unacceptable on a computer screen. All companies should have a zero-tolerance approach to content that promotes or facilitates the sexual abuse of a child even if the content is not directed at them and there are laws which cover this and we would expect companies to enforce this and respond to reports of disturbing content.”