Number 10 Lobby briefing on Britain’s Windrush children and the latest on Brexit

Posted On: 
17th April 2018

Here is a summary of this morning's briefing for lobby journalists by the Prime Minister's official spokesman.

10 Downing Street


The  spokesman set out the Government’s latest response to the scandal surrounding Britain’s Windrush children, who have been threatened with deportation as part of a wider immigration crackdown.  

The spokesman revealed that ministers Lord Ahmed and Caroline Nokes had written to Carribbean leaders to reassure them that those affected would be supported as they sought to prove their status.

Setting out the new measures, he said: “There’ll be a new team dedicated to helping the people involved find evidence showing their right to be in the country and to access services...

“Our starting point will be to do as much as possible for the individuals and to make...