Indicative votes IN NUMBERS: How MPs voted on different Brexit plans

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1st April 2019

MPs voted for the second time on different Brexit options. Here is how each proposal fared when put to the Commons.

MPs cast their verdict on different Brexit plans
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Option C - Customs Union plan tabled by pro-EU Tory MP Ken Clarke

A plan for any Brexit deal agreed with the EU to include the UK remaining in a permanent customs union with the bloc.

Lost by 276 votes to 273 


Option D - Commons Market 2.0 tabled by Tory MP Nick Boles

The Norway Plus team have put forward a plan to renegotiate the future relationship part of the Brexit deal. It would keep the UK in the Efta, meaning staying in the single market and a customs union with the bloc.

Lost by 282 votes to 261


Option E - Second referendum tabled by Labour MP Peter Kyle

Conditional backing for the Brexit deal provided it is put to a nation-wide referendum. The amendment has the most signatories backing it of all those tabled.

Lost by 292 votes to 280


Option G - Prevent a  no-deal Brexit tabled by SNP MP Joanna Cherry

If no agreement is in place the days before exit day the Government must delay Brexit, then hold a vote in Parliament on whether or not to leave without a deal. If Parliament says no, the Government must revoke Article 50 and look into whether a Brexit deal can be agreed that could win the support of the public in a referendum.

Lost by 292 votes to 191