Critics attack Boris Johnson for ‘squatting’ in plush Foreign Office mansion

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21st July 2018

Boris Johnson has been criticised after it emerged he would not be leaving his taxpayer-funded mansion for “weeks”.

Mr Johnson continues to pocket more than £10,000 a year renting out a house in Islington
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The former Foreign Secretary resigned from the Government earlier this month in protest at Theresa May’s Brexit plan but has been unable to move out of the £20m official residence in Carlton Gardens where he lives rent-free.

A No10 spokesman told the Mirror: “He’s leaving within the next few weeks.”

Boris Johnson 'squatting' in plush Foreign Office mansion despite quitting days ago

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But Labour MP David Lammy told the paper: “Those like Boris Johnson, who are drenched in privilege, feel entitled to claim far beyond what they are owed.

“Meanwhile, many of the poorest in our society often do not get the most basic rights.

“As Boris luxuriates in Carlton Gardens at the taxpayers’ expense, despite resigning from his role, many from the Windrush generation remain homeless due to Government failures and its hostile environment.

“What planet is he on?”

Mr Johnson continues to pocket more than £10,000 a year renting out his multi-million pound house in Islington while new Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt remains at his home in Pimlico.

Grenfell Tower survivor Aayla Moses, 57, also hit out at the former Cabinet minister.

She said: “If he’s still living there I think it’s disgusting, it’s outrageous.

“A man like him will have earned plenty of money and he’s living for free in a second home he shouldn’t really be living in any more. And it’s at the taxpayers’ expense?”

It comes just days after the Tory bigwig was slammed for breaching government rules over his new job writing columns for the Daily Telegraph.