Vince Cable suggests George Osborne may have voted LIB DEM at the election

Posted On: 
11th July 2017

George Osborne's historic affiliations with the Conservative party have not always been apparent since he stood down as an MP.

Vince Cable and George Osborne were Cabinet colleagues during the Conservative-Lib Dem coailtion.
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At times, it has seemed as if he was using his new job as editor of the Evening Standard to wage a personal vendetta against Theresa May's and her government.

Barely a day goes by when the paper's front page - or its leader column - does not contain some direct attack on the Prime Minister and her policies.

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And there was more than a hint of schadenfreude when, barely 48 hours after the election, the former Chancellor popped up on the Andrew Marr Show to describe Mrs May as "a dead woman walking".

PoliticsHome threw another grenade into the story two weeks ago by revealing that Mr Osborne's 16-year-old son, Luke, had canvassed for none other than Vince Cable during the election.

Now the Lib Dem grandee, who is set to be crowned the party's leader within weeks has raised another increasing possibility - did his former Cabinet colleague and fellow arch-Remainer vote Lib Dem on 8 June?

Speaking at a Westminster lunch, the Twickenham MP said: "I'm a bit of a fan of George, I think he's a very civilised guy.

"If the Evening Standard starts developing yellow tinges, you know where it all started."

Maybe Mr Osborne will reveal all in the pages of the Evening Standard?