Labour insist 'extremely vigorous' Jeremy Corbyn will lead party into next election

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17th January 2018

Labour has insisted Jeremy Corbyn will definitely lead the party into the next election, amid claims some of his colleagues fear he will be too old.

Jeremy Corbyn keeps fit with a daily diet of porridge.
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A spokesman for the 68-year-old party leader insisted he was "extremely vigorous" and there was no question of him standing down before the country next goes to the polls, by which time he could be 73.

Under the Fixed Terms Parliament Act, the next general election is not scheduled to take place until 2022.

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According to The Independent, some Labour frontbenchers believe Mr Corbyn will not be able to commit to serving a full five-year term in Number 10 if he becomes Prime Minister, as he would be 78 come 2027.

But Mr Corbyn's spokesman said: "I think that's nonsense. Jeremy will be continuing to lead the Labour party and fight the next election."

He added: "Jeremy is extremely energetic, works extremely long hours and since he's been doing this job has performed at an extremely effective and high level.

"Working with him since a month after he was elected, I have seen that at close quarters. He is extremely vigorous, he has become more effective as a leader since he was first elected and I see no sign whatever that his age is an impediment to him continuing to be leader."

Mr Corbyn last month said having porridge every day helped keep him fit and healthy.

He said: "We’ve got lots of energy. I’ve got loads of energy, I’m fine. I eat porridge every morning – porridge and energy bars – and I keep off alcohol and meat."