John McDonnell to target Tory seats in anti-austerity tour of UK

Posted On: 
21st July 2018

John McDonnell will today begin a nationwide tour targeting Tory seats with Labour’s anti-austerity message.   

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell will tour the UK this summer

The Shadow Chancellor will visit communities across the UK, beginning in the Sussex town of Hastings – whose sitting MP is former Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

Mr McDonnell will meet business and community leaders, trade unions and councillors on the tour, which is titled ‘The Road To Rebuilding The Economy’.   

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Speaking ahead of the summer jaunt, he said: “When Labour goes into government, everyone goes into government.

“Different areas have had different experiences over the last two generations. Take northern towns, or coastal towns, where they have lost their traditional industries. Nothing has filled that gap.

“But overlay that with the eight years of austerity that’s hit the whole of the country – the whole social fabric goes.

“The police, NHS, education – all of those elements are being kicked from underneath them.

“We’re looking at basic issues like employment. What’s the nature of the employment there? What’s the balance of it?

“Is it one that’s looking toward the future? Have they got the infrastructure, road, rail, skills to develop their economy?”


The initiative comes amid mounting speculation in Westminster over the future of Theresa May’s premiership and the possibility of an early general election.

The Prime Minister has been under pressure after her Brexit plan prompted Cabinet resignations, and rumours swirled of a brewing leadership challenge.

However, she remained defiant as she gave a speech in Belfast yesterday, saying she was determined to “make a success” of Brexit.