Downing Street accused of plotting to foil ‘meaningful vote’ on Brexit deal

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6th October 2018

The Labour Party has accused Theresa May’s office of attempting to deny MPs a ‘meaningful vote’ on the final Brexit deal. 

The Prime Minister's Office has been accused of attempting to bypass a vote on Brexit amendments
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Number 10 are accused of attempting to bypass a Commons vote on amendments to the final Brexit deal. 

Under Downing Street plans, the Commons would agree to vote on the motion on the Brexit deal first, bypassing any amendments. This could prevent MPs from voting on alternatives, such as a second Brexit referendum.  

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Labour have strongly criticised the move, calling the plans “undemocratic”. 

“Theresa May has never wanted to give the Commons a meaningful vote” a Labour source told The Times. 

“This is all another undemocratic attempt to tie the hands of parliament and make it a choice of back May’s plan or not. They should think again.”

A number of Brexiteers have also rejected the plan. A source from the European Research Group told The Times: “We don’t think it’s procedurally feasible.”