Vince Cable: My generation has betrayed the young over Brexit

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20th October 2018

Vince Cable will today tell anti-Brexit demonstrators that his generation is "betraying" the young over Brexit.

Vince Cable will tell demonstrators that his generation has 'betrayed' the young.
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Speaking at the People’s Vote march this afternoon, the Liberal Democrat leader is expected to denounce Brexit as a tragedy that has created a generational rift in the UK. 

He will say: “Tragically, Brexit divides one generation from another.

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“A substantial majority of my generation voted to leave. A substantial majority of the young voted to remain.

“Your generation is being betrayed by mine. By those who look to the past, who see Britain as a museum.”

Around 100,000 people are expected to attend the People’s Vote march, which will head from Park Lane to Parliament Square, and organisers claim that the event will be the “biggest, loudest and most important” anti-Brexit demonstration since the referendum. 

A spokesperson for People’s Vote, the umbrella campaign group that organised the march, told The Guardian that politicians were attempting to “blindfold the public about the long-term costs of Brexit".

“It’s now apparent to everyone, that whether it’s a deal or not a deal, this is going to be really, really miserable for everyone," the spokesperson said. "This idea that a soft Brexit will sit up in its coffin suddenly is for the birds."

Voters remain divided on the issue of a second referendum, with a poll carried out by The Times finding that 43 percent would prefer a referendum to a no deal Brexit, while 38 percent would choose no deal. 

Asked to choose between Theresa May’s deal and a referendum, 42 percent opted for a referendum, while 34 percent plumped for the deal. 

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Conservative MPs Sarah Wollaston and Anna Soubry, and former Green Party leader Caroline Lucas will also speak at the rally in Parliament Square.