Corbyn's Labour will transform our nation for the better

Posted On: 
27th September 2017

Responding to the address today (Wednesday 27 September) to the Labour conference by party leader Jeremy Corbyn, the leader Unite, the UK’s largest union, hailed 'a prime minister in waiting'.

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: "Jeremy Corbyn spoke to our country.  He made it clear that nobody will be left behind by a Labour government.  This is a profound and welcome contrast to the years of despair and weariness that have accompanied the Tories' never-ending and worn out austerity.

"But more than this we heard confident and fresh thinking from the Labour leader about how this party will repair our nation but also prepare us for the challenges ahead.

"This is the difference Labour will make.  There is a new unity across the country. Workers, industry and communities are hungry for change. They are responding to the Labour Party's message with hope like I have never before seen.

"Corbyn's Labour can and will transform our country to make it work for the many not the few.  Our party leaves this conference confident, united, invigorated and determined to build a better Britain.  

"The tired, distrusted and squabbling Tories should move over. Let Labour give the people of the country a government that really is of the people and for the people."