A witness gave a robotic performance in front of a Commons committee… but it wasn’t Theresa May

Posted On: 
16th October 2018

A Commons select committee witness gave a robotic performance in front of MPs today... but it wasn’t Theresa May.

Pepper the robot appeared in front of the Commons Education Committee

It was, in fact, Pepper the robot, who gave evidence to the Education Committee this morning, alongside Middlesex University students, on the future of artificial intelligence.

Pepper (who you can follow on social media, obviously) replied to a number of questions from committee chair Robert Halfon with straight-forward and informative answers – something human witnesses often fail to manage.

Naturally, Twitter responded with jokes comparing Pepper’s demeanour to that of our notoriously reserved Prime Minister.



Some of them were pretty niche…   




Even committee member Lucy Powell joined in with the jokes…




Although others were just confused…


No word yet on the odds of Pepper succeeding Mrs May, but after that comparatively relaxed appearance the robot must surely be in the running.