Good Things Foundation: Making digital skills a reality at a local level

Posted On: 
9th May 2018

Today, Good Things Foundation and Tech Nation have launched a Playbook to help organisations build local partnerships so they can support people in their communities to gain digital skills - and they need your help to co-design this new resource.

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The digital skills Playbook is a key output of the Local Digital Skills Partnership Delivery Group, chaired by myself and MB Christie of Tech Nation. The group is part of the Digital Skills Partnership set up by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to help boost digital skills locally and help the UK become a world-leading, inclusive economy.

Once completed, the Playbook will be a co-designed resource that will help organisations and individuals across the country to have an impact in their communities. We’re relying on contributions from those with experience, knowledge and ideas of how to do digital inclusion in a local place to turn it into something that’s really valuable.

If you’ve been involved in providing digital skills support in your local area, or if you have some really great ideas on how to do so, we’d love to hear from you. Please read and add to the Playbook - it’s currently a working document - and make sure to add your name at the bottom, so you will be credited for your contribution.

For a little flavour of what we’re looking for, the Playbook covers different aspects of local digital skills provision, including:

  • The definition of digital skills
  • How to pinpoint what digital skills your local economy needs and where the skills shortages are
  • Ideas on what can be done to evaluate the social and economic impacts of digital skills learning

This is a great opportunity to make your mark on a really important piece of work, which will be used to inform policy and support best practice for making an impact on local digital skills provision.

Digital skills is a powerful social and economic priority. Over 11 million UK adults lack one or more of the basic digital skills required for everyday life, 90% of future jobs will require digital skills, and the UK economy is losing around £63 billion a year in GDP as a result of gaps in digital skills.

You can find the Playbook here.  or if you’d like to get in touch about the Local Digital Skills Partnership Delivery Group - maybe you want to attend our next creative summit - please get in touch with Sarah Cardwell.