Atkins' UK & Europe CEO Nick Roberts responds to the Budget

Posted On: 
22nd November 2017

Responding to the UK Government’s Budget, Nick Roberts, Atkins’ Chief Executive Officer for UK & Europe, said:

“Through this Budget the Chancellor has put digital and technology at the heart of the British economy, helping maintain our position at the forefront of the technological revolution and providing a solid platform to build future growth. From the trials in mobile and digital connectivity on the Transpennine route and investment in AI and 5G technology, to the evolution of our road transport from internal combustion to electric to fully autonomous, the Government is driving the infrastructure that secures our digitally-enabled future. Furthermore the acknowledgement that we simply have to invest in providing the country’s workforce with the digital skills needed to make the most of these opportunities is a significant step forward and should be welcomed.

“In addition to digital revolution, the Chancellor also recognised the value of traditional infrastructure. The commitments around building more housing, freeing up much-needed land and reforming planning regulations are positive developments, as are ongoing commitments to the big transport projects that connect our great towns, cities, communities and businesses. Underpinning these are further steps towards meaningful devolution which allow local authorities to deliver the local infrastructure projects to meet local needs.