CMI comment: Government statement on more disabled people in the workplace

Posted On: 
16th November 2018

Commenting on the Government’s announcement that employers are taking more disabled people into the workforce, Rob Wall, head of policy at the Chartered Management Institute has released the following statement.

Sarah Newton MP: We must ensure all disabled people who want to work have the opportunity to do so

It's good to see the latest statement that employers are taking more disabled people into their workforce, but they need to ensure there is a planned progression path so that they can develop and utilise their skills to the maximum to benefit the business.


CMI research shows that only 10% of the FTSE 100 companies surveyed rate their performance on developing disabled people within their businesses as fair or very good; whereas 42% rated their performance as fair or very poor.


It is disappointing that companies recognise that they can do more to develop disabled people but are not doing so.