Three universities join IPSE to spread the word about student self-employment

Posted On: 
7th November 2018

IPSE (the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed) is delighted to announce that it is beginning partnerships with Leeds Arts University and the University of Westminster – as well as renewing its partnership with Birkbeck University.

IPSE is now partnered with 10 universities across the UK, offering support and advice to students looking to move into self-employment – when they graduate, or even while they are studying.

The University of Westminster and Leeds Arts University both already offer careers advice on self-employment. But by partnering with IPSE, they will be significantly extending their support for aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Through IPSE, both universities will have access to freelancing guides and business materials for their students. Aspiring freelancers will also be able to attend IPSE workshops and events, as well as receiving a wide range of support materials and regular industry and policy updates. With IPSE, they will have all the latest information about pursuing a self-employed career. 

Chris Bryce, IPSE’s CEO, commented: “This is a significant expansion of our university partnerships programme, and an important step forward in how we engage with students aspiring to self-employment. We greatly look forward to working with the University of Westminster and Leeds Arts University – and also renewing our highly successful partnership with Birkbeck.”

Shiela Birungi, University of Westminster Creative Enterprise Centre and Student Entrepreneurship Programme Manager, commented: “At the core of our mission at the Creative Enterprise Centre is promoting and championing self-employment and entrepreneurship as a valid graduate career pathway for University of Westminster students. We look forward to working with IPSE as a university partner, allowing students to take full advantage of their wide-ranging and invaluable resources for freelancers and the self-employed."