Rolls Royce 17 per cent three year pay deal at Rotherham hailed by Unite

Posted On: 
4th May 2017

A pay deal at Rolls Royce Rotherham ABCF guaranteeing a minimum of 17 per cent over three years will be signed tomorrow (Friday 5 May) with Unite, the country's largest union.

Unite said that the package which will benefit about 120 staff below the management is 'one of the largest deals that Rolls Royce (RR) has agreed in recent years.'

The union said that the deal was a recognition that the pay rates were among the lowest across the RR group and this has resulted in workers at the south Yorkshire site, which makes single crystal turbine blades, leaving for better jobs.

Unite regional officer Doug Patterson said: "While small in number in terms of the workforse it is one of the largest deals RR has agreed in recent years.

"It has come about because the company finally accepted what Unite had been saying for some time that paying the lowest rates in the group was contributing significantly to the high rare of attrition."

This package includes:

Grade salary ranges and pay points to increase on 1 March 2017 by 2.8%; on 1 March 2018 by 2.5% based on the mean average of the November, December and January figures.

Fixed shift allowances will increase this year by £300-£500 per year which equates to about 8% over the three year period.

Doug Patterson added: "We regard this pay deal, following tough negotiations, as a success in these challenging economic times and it demonstrates the strong value of union membership.

"What individuals will receive depends on whether they are 'shop floor' or 'professional', but we estimate that for most employees that it will be a minimum of 17% over three years."

It was in 2015 that Rolls-Royce marked the official opening of its new £110 million Advanced Blade Casting Facility (ABCF) at Rotherham