Unite accuses ministers of a 'pick and mix' approach to public sector pay

Posted On: 
12th September 2017

Britain’s largest union Unite accused the government of adopting a ‘pick and mix’ approach to public sector pay today (Tuesday 12 September) after ministers announced a loosening of the public sector pay cap.

Branding the announcement ‘pathetic’ Unite said it would do nothing to address the pay misery that millions of public servants have had to endure at the hands of a Tory government.

Reacting to news that the government is planning on lifting the public sector pay cap Unite assistant general secretary Gail Cartmail said: “This announcement is pathetic and will do nothing to address the pay misery that public sector workers have had to endure over the last seven years.

“The government has signalled a ‘pick and mix’ approach to lifting the pay cap and with no new money it is difficult to see how austerity ravaged services will be able to afford to give a decent pay rise in the coming months.

“It cannot be right that our public servants, the people who care for our sick, who keep us safe and clean our streets struggle to make ends meet and are forced to rely on foodbanks.

“All our public servants deserve a decent pay rise that keeps up with inflation and undoes the years of real term pay cuts they have suffered at the hands of Tory minsters.”