Fri, 8 December 2023

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A fairer economy will deliver a stronger society

Baroness Frances O’Grady (Rupert Rivett / Alamy Stock Photo)

Baroness O’Grady

Baroness O’Grady

3 min read

Britain can be so much better. During the dark days of the pandemic, people remembered the value of solidarity. To stop the virus spreading, we protected our neighbours, not just ourselves. We celebrated brilliant scientists who invented life-saving vaccines, and the big-hearted staff and volunteers who rolled them out. We clapped and backed key workers when they sought to protect services and pay.

But all the while, Tory ministers partied and lied like they were above the law. They handed lucrative Covid contracts to VIP mates, while lecturing everyone else about sacrifice.  

We owe it to those who lost loved ones and to everyone who played by the rules to remember their sacrifices. We will never forget.  

Labour’s loyalty is to the ordinary people of Britain. Whatever our background, race or religion, we want a country where everyone thrives. 

The Tories have left the country in a shambles. So, Labour must rebuild our NHS and crumbling classrooms. We must clean up rivers and make streets safe. We must invest in quality council homes, improve everyday public transport, and secure our future with greener, cheaper energy.  

We will repeal anti-union laws that make it harder to organise and bargain for better pay and conditions

Everyone wants our kids to have a better start in life than we did, and the country can’t afford to waste young people’s talent. The false economy of unaffordable social care puts huge pressures on hospital beds. And people who are disabled, sick or mentally unwell need support to live and work in dignity. 

It’s plain to see what’s gone wrong in Britain and we need to put it right. But the truth is that a stronger society can only be built on a fairer economy. 

So, Labour’s mission is to grow the economy in a way that is more equal and democratic, rewarding work and lifting communities in the parts of Britain that need it most. 

To rebuild, big business and the wealthy must pull their weight and pay their fair share. Decent employers know that they gain too when the population is healthier, higher skilled, and has more money to spend.  

First, Labour will end low pay and insecurity. It starves the Exchequer of tax revenue to fund public goods and services, and is the main cause of child poverty. Tory dogma that wealth trickles down is a fraud. Wages remain stuck where they were before the bankers’ crash, while boardroom pay has soared.  

Labour will level up rights to guarantee freedom from fear, insecurity and discrimination at work. Sector-wide fair pay agreements are a great way to boost income share for those who have to work for a living. And we will repeal anti-union laws that make it harder to organise and bargain for better pay and conditions.  

Secondly, Labour will launch Great British Energy and bring the railways under public control. When the Tories sold off the family silver, the country lost out. Privatisation enriched a few at the expense of the many. We need to take back control and begin to rebalance our economy.  

Thirdly, Labour will deliver a nationwide industrial strategy to boost trade and investment, innovation and productivity – a practical plan to grow good jobs. On the Tories’ watch, Britain’s record has been abysmal. We will reform corporate rules to promote long-term investment, and strengthen directors’ duties for the environment, workforce, and public interest.  

Labour knows that all wisdom does not reside in Westminster or the boardroom. The talent, grit and determination to rebuild Britain is there in every corner of our country. Labour will share democratic power to get the job done. Through the endeavours of its people, together, we can make Britain greener, fairer and better. 

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