'These figures should not come as a surprise' - CIOB comments on new EU worker numbers

Posted On: 
4th April 2017

Eddie Tuttle, Associate Director for Policy, Research & Public Affairs at the Chartered Institute of Building comments on new figures revealing the extent of construction staff hired from the European Union, saying:  

 “These figures should not come as a surprise – as the CIOB and the industry have voicing for some time now, providing access to skills in the short-term and boosting training of UK nationals in the long-term is crucial for the prosperity of the construction industry. The focus on housebuilding is understandable, but this is only a portion of total construction output. Skills concerns also need to be addressed across the commercial, industrial and infrastructure sectors.

“CIOB’s research into migration shows that construction firms are attracted to draw more heavily on migrant workers to fill immediate labour shortages, but the most effective way to reduce this reliance is to invest heavily, over a period of time, in training, mentoring and developing young UK citizens. But with only two years to negotiate a comprehensive exit agreement with the EU, the Government must provide clarity over freedom of movement and access to skills.”