British women ‘to lose rights and support because of Brexit,’ equalities watchdog warns

Posted On: 
23rd July 2018

British women could see their human rights rolled back under Brexit, the equalities watchdog has warned.  

Women could lose out on crucial rights under a Brexit, a new review has warned

According to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, crucial employment rights as well as funding for some women’s services could be lost when the UK leaves the EU.

In a new report, the organisation states that although the Government has said protections in the Equality Act will continue after Brexit, “this political commitment is not included” in the EU Withdrawal Bill.

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The reports also notes that “employment rights and funding for women’s services are areas of particular concern”.

In light of the concerns, the EHRC urges ministers to ensure “there is no regression in the respect, protection and fulfillment of human rights”.

And it stresses that the loss of EU funding must not “undermine the UK’s equality and human rights infrastructure, including the already scarce funding available to specialist services, such as those that support women survivors of violence and domestic abuse”.

The report also highlights a wider failing in the UK to protect women from violence and abuse.

EHRC’s chief executive Rebecca Hilsenrath said: “It is estimated that only 15% of survivors of sexual violence report their experience to the police, and social movements such as #MeToo continue to shine a spotlight on areas where women are being failed.

“The priority must now be ensuring that women and girls of all ages can enjoy their basic right to feel safe in their everyday lives.”